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We offer a unique method that combines the practice of the most prestigious research centres of traditional Chinese medicine and laser technology. Traditional Chinese medicine helps people with various therapeutic methods and acupuncture is commonly used for weight loss.

Laser acupuncture

You might imagine acupuncture as thousands of needles all over your body. Only few people know that acupuncture can be done by electrical pulses, continuous or pulsed laser and stones which can vibrate at a certain frequency. Acupressure is also a traditional method that uses pressure on specific points. These techniques stimulate special body points. These points are interconnected through so-called meridians. Acupuncture affects the regulatory systems of the body, most often nervous, endocrine and immune. The goal of the therapy is to restart humoral, vegetative and energy balance of your body. Acupuncture, a technique proven for thousands of years, cures many diseases.
Laser stimulation is suitable for children and those who do not tolerate electricity. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, so the advantage over conventional needles is obvious. We use a continuous red laser which penetrates  several centimeters deep.
Laser and electric stimulations are normally used for long-term pain relief such as a complementary therapy after surgery.


  • Decreasing feelings of hunger
  • Improving water circulation 
  • Improving the absorption of fats and carbohydrates
  • Improviong metabolism at rest (partial processing of fats without physical activity during sleep)
  • Able to affect selected areas (e.g. waist, thighs, hips, etc.)

This procedure helps to lose weight but you must comply with the system of proper nutrition. You need to have 5 small meals a day. Limit greasy food, alcohol and sugar to a minimum. Average weight reduction is 2-4 kg per month. This speed is optimal for weightloss and results are permanent.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes

The meridians of the body are stimulated by the application of Soft LASER. In most cases a single procedure is sufficient. If necessary the procedure can be repeated for free during the first two months. You can undergo both procedures Weight Loss and Stop Smoking at the same time.The procedure is absolutely painless. The session is conducted by a trained professionals and a doctor.

Cost 4700 CZK