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Sugar paste hair removal

Sugar paste hair removal

Sugar paste hair removal removes unwanted hair from any part of yourbody. It is gentle to skin and most suitable for sensitive areas such as a face, groin or armpits.
You will realise that sugaring is much gentler than waxing and the skin is not irritated. The redness after the treatment will disappear very quickly.

Sugar paste EPIL BEAUTY removes hair only with dead cells of your skin, so it acts as a gentle peeling.

After sugar paste  you can sunbathe on the second day. The hair removal can also be applied on tanned skin. Sugar paste can be applied several times on the same place until  hair isn't removed.

Sugar paste can even handle hair as short as 3 mm. To effectively remove  hair we recommend a length of 5 ml. Longer hair is not an obstacle, we will shorten it. If you have any problems with ingrown hair after waxing, eczema or problems with varicose veins, sugaring  is the best option for you.

Sugar paste hair removal EPIL BEAUTY is tested and approved by the National Health Institute of Prague. Sugar paste EPIL BEAUTY is free of parabens and chemicals. It does not irritate skin and prevents ingrown hairs. NOTE cleanse the area to be sugared thoroughly before your appointment. Do not exfoliate the day before your sugaring treatment. Avoid an application of any perfume, cream, lotion or deodorants on the skin to be sugared 24 hours before treatment. It may cause the hair removal more difficult. It is recommended that you do not sunbathe or use a tanning bed for 48 hours prior to or after the treatment.

How long does my skin stay smooth?
Repeated treatment with sugar paste is individual for each client (according to their hair growth speed), however it usually lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Depilation procedure:

At first professionally trained beautician will cleanse, degrease and powder coat your skin. Then she applies a thin layer of sugar paste over your skin (sugar paste  is warmed to body temperature). Sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth Then a strip of a cotton cloth is pressed on the top and ripped off against the direction of hair growth. All paste is removed along with the hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth. Our staff works with disposable gloves and spatulas during the treatment.