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Laser Stop Smoking Program is a gradual treatment for a nicotine dependence. It helps to stop smoking cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco. The program is able to cover all cases and needs. No matter what, and how long you've been smoking, the procedure will help you to reach your goal without stress.
Laser treatment stabilizes level of endorphins. Endorphins affect your body and mind causing relaxation and stabilization, which helps smokers to eliminate or reduce cravings. Soft LASER is absolutely safe and does not affect healthy cells. The laser light improves energy balance and oxygen access to diseased cells, therefore promoting regeneration of the whole organism.

Laser acupuncture

You imagine acupuncture as thousands of needles all over you body. Few people know that acupuncture can be done by electrical pulses, continuous or pulsed laser, stones, which can vibrate at a certain frequency. Acupressure is also a traditional method that uses pressure on specific points. These techniques stimulate special body points. These points are interconnected through so-called meridians. Acupuncture affects the regulatory systems of the body, most often nervous, endocrine and immune. The goal of therapy is to restart humoral, vegetative and energy balance of the body. Acupuncture, a technique proven for thousands of years, cures many diseases.
Laser stimulation is suitable for children and those who do not tolerate electricity. The procedure is non-invasive, painless, so the advantages over conventional needles are obvious. We use a continuous red laser, which penetrates  several centimeters deep.
Laser and electric stimulation is normally used for long-term pain relief, such as a complementary therapy after surgery.


  • Stabilizing endorphins in the body
  • Improving the general condition
  • Reducing stress
  • Eliminating or reducing cravings
  • Increasing oxygen access to cells
  • Regenerating the body

Duration of treatment 45 minutes

The meridians of the body are stimulated by the action of Soft LASER. In most cases a single procedure is enough. If necessary the procedure can be repeated for free during the first two months. You can undergo both procedures Weight Loss and Stop Smoking at the same time.The procedure is absolutely painless. Session is conducted by trained professionals and a doctor.

Cost 4700 CZK