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OxiSecret Lashes

OxiSecret Lashes

Complex procedure for highlighting the natural lash line

Every woman wants to have beautiful and expressive eyelashes with minimal effort! With the complex procedure OxiSecret Lashes it can be done. During the procedure, your eyelashes go through complete metamorphosis, your view is seductive and beautiful. The eyes are expressive and visually enhanced.

The result of the procedure OxiSecret Lashes: pigment on the eyelashes and eyebrows remain saturated until the following procedure. During a standard procedure of coloring and curling of eyelashes and eyebrows they are not strengthened and overall coveraged. In this case, the color washes out much faster than by using pigments.

OxiSecret Lashes: ideal natural lashes with a natural appearance. Procedure OxiSecret Lashes is consisting of six steps. All operations are carried out with the natural lashes using special devices and are performed by trained staff.

Step 1 - Cleaning
Complete cleaning of lashes. The product contains antibacterial, illuminating and rejuvenating effect, moisturizes and strengthens the skin around the eyes.

Step 2 - Appearance
We offer several variations of appearance of lashes from natural to cocktail: natural, baby doll, cat's eyes, anti-age. Particular eyelash will be carefully stored in bending, chosen by the client, with respect to the anatomical shape of the eyes and aging changes in eyelid.

Step 3 - Lifting
On the modified lashes is applied a Lift product, which reveals the lashes. After 15 minutes lashes are ready for applying the next step.

Step 4 - Filling and fixation
Miraculous Serum Fix not only fills your lashes, but also increase their volume by 30%.

Step 5 – Painting OxiSecret Lashes is the second line of products.
OxiSecret Lashes is series of long and rich pigments for lashes. Currently, the factory processes only five pigments: black, blue-black, light brown, dark brown and graphite. For each type of skin color can not only be chosen as a ready-made pigment, but different pigments may be mixed to get an individual tint. Pigments are perfect to eyelashes, and eyebrows. Pigment fills trunk hair, which gives a greater effect volume and intensity of shade.

Step 6 - Nutrition
Vitamin beauty covers individual lashes, which makes them smoothy and glossy and also closes the flakes after the third step. Lashes are resistant to environmental influences.

The result: long, elegantly curved eyelashes and intense pigment. Your eyelashes are paved and saturated inside and outside!

OxiSecret Lashes  Price:  CZK 1800,-