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OxiSecret Brows - Microblading

OxiSecret Brows - Microblading

Oxi Secret Brows - Microblading - Eyebrows are very important for overall facial expression. Permanent makeup can adjust shape, color, intensity, density and length of the eyebrows. It can also correct a slight asymmetry

When choosing the shape and color, we place great emphasis on the overall appearance of the face (eye color, skin tone, hair). The color must be perfectly naturally.


After the procedure

  • 4 days after application the color  is about 60 % stronger than the resulting shade
  • Right after the application there might be slight swelling or redness around the pigmented area  
  • Keep the area clean and dry for 4 days
  • Do not scratch or remove scabs
  • Protect your eyes from direct sunlight and use SPF 50 sunblock
  • Stay out of sauna or pool for at least a  week
  • Do not put water on the area for 24 hours
Correction up to 6 weeks is included in the price of the individual intervention.
Reviving the color within  6 months after the first procedure with a  70% discount on the current price of the procedure.
Reviving the color within 12 months after the first procedure with a 50% discount on the current price of the procedure.

Please, TAKE a look at our work: before and after photos