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OxiSecret Brows

OxiSecret Brows

Complex procedure for the enhancement and modification of the natural eyebrow

It allows you to create the perfect eyebrows with a natural texture that mimics the natural hairs. It helps to restore the shape in the complete absence of eyebrows or too plucked eyebrows. It allows you to mask areas of damaged skin (scars, burns and hair-free zones)

The color will be chosen so as to fit the color of the hair and skin. The aim is to preserve the natural appearance. Dazzle deep look of perfectly modified eyebrows

With complex treatment OxiSecret Brows it can be done easily and quickly, and thereby reduce the time for daily care. The effect lasts from 7 to 14 days on skin and up to 5 weeks on hair, depending on your type of the skin and care after the procedure.

Restoration of eyebrows using technology OxiSecret Brows runs in 2-4 phases:

  • consultancy
  • correction and restoration using technology OxiSecret Brows
  • subsequent coloring eyebrows
  • recommendations for further care

OxiSecret Brows Price:   CZK 850,-