What awaits us after permanent make-up treatment?

  • Slight swelling may persist 2 days
  • The color is 60% more intense than the resulting shade
  • After 4-5 days, the skin will peel off and also partly with the color
  • After 3 weeks the skin will regenerate, and the color will return partially
  • After 4 weeks, if necessary, a subsequent correction will be made

Follow-up care for pigmented areas:

  • 10 days after application keep the pigmented area clean and dry
  • Not smear anything
  • Do not remove the scabs by force
  • 4 weeks do not go to solarium and direct sun
  • Protect the treated area from the sun with the SPF 50
  • Do not go to the pool and sauna for a week
  • 4 days after application instead of water
  • Do not exercise for 7 days
  • Keep the skin clean
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