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Hot Wax Hair Removal

Hot WaxCost
Eyebrows 250,- CZK
Nostrils150,- CZK
Upper lip150,- CZK
Ears150,- CZK
Neck300,- CZK
Chin150,- CZK
Cheeks200,- CZK
Armpits250,- CZK
Shoulders300,- CZK
Shoulders up to the shoulder - blades350,- CZK
Arms300,- CZK
Hands/arms up to elbows including fingers350,- CZK
The whole hands/arms including fingers600,- CZK
Fingers150,- CZK
Buttocks450,- CZK
Chest450,- CZK
Abdomen450,- CZK
Chest and abdomen800,- CZK
Upper back450,- CZK
Lower back450,- CZK
Full back800,- CZK
Thighs without bikini line450,- CZK
Thighs including bikini line700,- CZK
Calves, knees and toes500,- CZK
Legs to mid-thigh including toes750,- CZK
Legs and toes without bikini line850,- CZK
Legs and toes with bikini line950,- CZK
Toes150,- CZK
Bikini lines350,- CZK
Moustache, Beard1500,- CZK