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Beauty studio

EXCLUSIVE  BEAUTY  CLINIC is a Top End elegant beauty studio in the centre of Prague.

Our motto is “Each client is unique“
Our priorites are your comfort, enjoyment and satisfied expectations.
Our principle is quality and individual care.
Our aim is your healthy beauty.

EXCLUSIVE  BEAUTY  CLINIC is offering a wide range of quality beauty treatments for you face and body:

  • Biorevitalization for body and face with hyaluronic acid deeply hydratates your skin,  improves the skin elasticity and smoothes wrinkles in the long-term.
  • Mesotherapy is one of methods for skin rejuvenation. Aesthetic mesotherapy is a technique of delivering active ingredients into your skin with the help of tiny multi injections.
  • Permanent eyebrow makeup  with the microblading (or eyebrow embroidery) technique. This cutting edge method creates an absolutely natural look.
  • Eyeliner tattoo into the lashline highlights the delicate eye contour and creates the look of greater lash density and volume. 
  • Tattooing areolas after plastic surgery.  Before the procedure our beautician specialist designs a pattern to perfectly match the shade and texture of your skin. The colors are delivered with a specific needle .
  • Lip micropigmintation – a newcomer in the Czech market, which comes from Germany. After  micropigmintation your lips are naturally expressive and sensual.
  • Green Peel – natural peeling  is a biological method for skin restoration. It helps to remove pigmentation of various origins, wrinkles and produces a significant skin lifting effect. Unique herbal mix generates intensive blood circulation and results in top skin layer to peel off. The treatments starts up cell renewal and skin regenaration proccesses.
  • Wrinkle smoothing cosmetic procedures: various rejuvenation techniques for efficient and fast results for a natural younger look.
  • Acne skin treatment targets inflammation with delicate skin cleansing getting rid of excessive oil for mat skin.
  • Removing pigmentation of various origins with the T-away machine or with a combination of cosmetic treatments.
  • Quit smoking and lose weight with  our one-and-only method. It combines soft laser technology with the tradional Chinese medical practices successfully tested in most prestigious institutes in Nanjing.
  • Liftign facial LPG LIFT-6 - a non-surgical face lift. Face lifting procedure is performed LPG warhead that creates rhythmic and continuous mechanical impulses. More information can be read here.


Yumi Lashes: looking great with minimum make up is a reality now! Revolutionary Yumi Lashes technology gives you natural long lashes with an elegant curve.Developed in Switzerland it is highly popular in Europe. Today Yumi  Lashes is presented in the Russian market. Yumi Lashes procedure complies with European and Russian safety standards and passed all proper certification.

Yumi  Lashes

  • treatment is a six-stage procedure performed by an experienced beautician.
  • Final result: bigger eyes effect, volume, thick lashes and visual eyelid lift.
  • lifting eyelashes filling them with pigment, keratin and vitamins.
  • is a perfect balance of the ideal length and expressive curve for 2.5 - 3 months.
  • is created by a woman for women who want to look 100% at any time.
  • an ultimate combination of innovative technology and cosmetology, and absolutely safe components.

EXCLUSIVE  BEAUTY CLINIC specializes in sugar paste and hot wax hair removal  for the entire body. In our training center we hold professional cources on brazilian hair removal both on women and men.

You can find the whole list of treatments provided here